Stability Reliability Quality


  • Diagnosing of power equipment to check its technical state, making recommendations regarding its subsequent running with determination of scope of repair works and provision of list of the required spare parts;
  • Execution of engineering and design works. Construction, mounting, repair, reconstruction, upgrading of power-generating sites including “small” power systems using cogeneration techniques; Mounting of the main and auxiliary boiler, turbine including gas-turbine equipment;
  • Repair of the main and auxiliary boiler, turbine and gas-turbine equipment;
  • Start-up works: environmental-and-thermotechnical tests of steam, hot-water boilers; chemical cleaning of equipment; inspection, working-out of engineering approaches, setup and commissioning of turn-key power-generating sites;
  • Supervision of works, putting of equipment in operation;
  • Working-out of design documentation and manufacture of the special production accessories and the tools required for execution of mounting and repair works;
  • Upgrading and reconstruction of steam and hot-water boilers to improve their reliability, effectiveness, switching to the other type of fuel, the other parameters;
  • Upgrading and reconstruction of turbines and auxiliary equipment to improve their capacity, effectiveness, reliability, change the operation modes;
  • Upgrading and reconstruction of turbogenerators, hydrogenerators, synchronous condensers, high-voltage motors to improve their reliability;
  • Manufacture of terminal lead-outs of generators of up to 300 MW;
  • Working-out of repair, process and design documentation including specifications, material consumption rates;
  • Reconstruction, upgrading, overhaul of water turbines of the various capacity;
  • Reconstruction, upgrading, overhaul of hydrogenerators of the various capacity;
  • Manufacture and supply of spare parts, original rigging and tools.
  • Monitoring of orders for power equipment, its part and spares along with acceptance of quality of fabricated products at enterprises of Kharkov, Ukraine, former Soviet republics and foreign states in the quality of Customer representative
    – stage-wise quality control and production time periods of components and parts of power equipment;
    – approval of possible technical deviation from standard-technical documents;
    – participation in testing of ready products with a right to sign the Test Records;
    – checking of manufactured parts and components along with signing of Hand-over-Take-over Certificates and dispatch documents, which is the basis for shipment of ready products by the Manufacturer to the Customer and payment for them;
    – analysis of quality condition during manufacturing and prevention of manufacturing of products not conforming to the established requirements;
    – timely notification of the Customer of manufacturing deviations fro design and engineering documents (DED) impacting the quality of products; of the possible delivery terms disruption;
    – suspension of manufacturing in case of observation of process violations and deviations from DED, entailing waste;
    – calling in of specialized and expert institutions for counseling and conclusions on disputes arising between the Manufacturer and the Customer;
    – monthly and quarterly reports on products quality, manufacturing progress, fulfilling of Supply Schedules according to Contracts.