Stability Reliability Quality

Recovery heat treatment (RHT)

We will perform the heat treatment with good quality and timing within the scope of welding work reoairing power generating equpment, including:

  • Preliminary heating when welding;
  • High-temperature tempering;
  • Normalization;
  • Austenization.

    The skilled personnel of the Department render qualified services on recovery heat treatment (RHT):

    It is possible to avoid the labor-consuming and expensive replacing of steam pipelines and their bendings, basic parts of cutout and control valves, boiler drums, cast parts of turbines, hanger-support systems fasteners if the recovery heat treatment (RHT) of the metal with limited operation life is carried out in due time.

    The purpose of the recovery heat treatment (RHT) is to restore the structure and characteristics of long-used metal in the course of complete phase re-crystallization, up to its initial state (as cast condition) and healing process

    We offer:

    Feasibility study of the RHT efficiency in order to prolong operation time. When the whole set of RHT works is performed, the permit for life extension is granted.

    The list of the main works when conducting RHT:

      1. Technical-economical analysis of the efficiency of RHT conducting;
      2. Execution of works and recovery treatment procedure program development;
      3. Development of the repair technology for elimination of the flaws detected;
      4. Manufacture and assembly of the heat-treatment furnace at the specially equipped site of the Customer (if necessary);
      5. Dismantling of insulation when working with steam pipelines and hanger-support systems elements;
      6. Conducting of recovery heat treat process that includes “normalization” and “high-temperature tempering” of all the elements;
      7. Metal control before, in the course of, and after RHT;
      8. Elaboration of reporting documentation;
      9. Execution and issue of the decision.