Boiler and turbine department

Boiler department standart works:

  • Assembly, repair, and rehabilitation of small and high capacity boilers;
  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of steam boilers boiler steaming capacity with the view of increasing boiler steaming capacity, switching to different types of fuels;
  • Conversion of steam boilers to water-heating mode of operation;
  • Renovation and repair of pressure vessels;
  • Ecological and thermo-technical tests of boilers;
  • Assembly, repair and rehabilitation of gas supply systems, installation of Gas Distribution Units and Gas Distribution Points;
  • Manufacturing of the parts of boilers, pipelines and vessels;
  • Performing the set of works on prolongation of the equipment life-time;
  • Performing of special rigging works;
  • Repair of auxiliary equipment.

Starting-up nad adjustment of:

  • Steam and hot-water boilers working on gas, liquid and solid fuel;
  • Acid treatment of boilers in various ways;
  • Preoperational caustic treatment of boilers;
  • Acid treatment of heat exchange apparatuses;
  • Conservation of heat an power equipment;
  • Checking-out of chemical water cleaning scheme (sodium cycle, hydrogen and sodium cycle, isolated demineralizer, condensate purification plant). Application of technological innovations in this sphere;
  • Correction of feed and boiler water;
  • Chemical heat test (water chemistry operation mode setup of boilers).

Over the period of 2007-2009 inclusive Kharkovenergoremont boiler teams disassembled old boiler equipment and installed new one along with renovating furnace systems, assembling new chimneys of TPS of mine Barentsburg, Spitsbergen Archipelago, Norway. The works were carried out under extreme conditions of Far North. Also the assembly and disassembly of heat insulation of heat and water networks of the housing estate were performed.

In 2008 the boiler staff of the department performed the complete overhaul of boilers 7 and 9 of Shostkinskaya CHP, manufacturing and replacing platen reheaters and economizers of boiler units БКЗ-160-100ГМ. Reheaters and economizers were manufactured at the in-house production base of the company «Kharkovenergoremont».

The technical proposals of the boilermakers of the «Kharkovenergoremont» enterpriseare backed by more than half a century of experience in renovating and upgrading the main and auxiliary boiler and turbine equipment as well as steam and hot water pipelines at the energy facilities of Ukraine, CIS and far abroad.

Our skilled boilmakers guarantee that the engineering solutions are technologically correct and strategically accurate, which enable to extend the life-time of the equipment and to create possibilities for new capacities to be developed.

Turbine department standart works :

  • Assembly, repair, renovation and setting-up of turbine-generators and their auxiliary equipment;
  • Standard and special repair of all types of steam, hydraulic, driven and gas turbine-generators providing the warranty for the works executed;
  • Complete overhaul, testing and setting-up of turbine automatic control systems at electric power plants;
  • Supply of equipment and parts for thermal and mechanical equipment;
  • Complete overhaul and setting-up of all types of pumps, manufacture and repair of the heat exchangers and other equipment on the site of installation or at the production facilities (plant) of the «Kharkovenergoremont» enterprise.

Turbine department spesial type of works:

  • Overhaul of automatic control systems along with manufacture and replacement of worn-out parts, bench adjustment of automatic control systems on multi-purpose adjustment bench with complete simulation of operating parameters;
  • Repair, bench adjustment and testing of disengaging clutches of all type of steam turbines;
  • Bench adjustment and testing of speed regulators РС-3000;
  • Upgrading of worn-out and outdated automatic control systems to state-of-the-art electronic-hydraulic systems;
  • Analysis and elimination of excessive vibration of turbine-generators and all rotating mechanisms;
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors in their bearings as well as on the balancing machine.

Kharkovenergoremont turbine experts conducted a unique recovery overhaul of Steam Turbine К-500-240-2 of st.4 of «AES-Ekibastuz» LLP where the constructional parts of LPC made by LMZ, Russia were completely replaced with the construction by «Turboatom», Ukraine with preliminary constructive binding, the following projects were also accomplished: emergency repair of Turbine К-300-240 of st.2 of «Ramin» TPS, Iran; complete overhaul of the power generating unit of st.2 of «Jamshoro» TPP, Pakistan; rehabilitation and upgrading of the power generating units 1 and 2 of «Obra» TPP, India and various other projects worldwide.

When conducting works the experts of the Turbine Department use their wide experience and the personnel qualification
accumulated during the many years of carrying-out such projects, apply modern technologies and in-house know-how, develop original rigging and devices within the projects executed.

Installing the turbine cylinder AT-6-35 / 1,2 КТЗ in a project building TPP in Tkibuli, Georgia, 2010. The realization of the TPP building project in Tkibuli is in the process. Installation of pipelines of the circulation system, Georgia, 2010. Overhaul turbine K-800-240-2 LMZ and turbine generator TBB-800-2 unit № 7. 'Slavyanska TPP', Ukraine, 2008 The overhaul of the turbyny K-500-240-2 unit. № 4 TOO 'AES Ekibastuz', Kazakhstan, 2008. A.A. Bendus, General Director is holding a meeting at the site of 'AES-Ekibastuz' LLP, Kazakhstan whem owerhauling turbine unit K-500-240-2
Replacement blades 15th stage of the turbine rotor K-55-90 unit. № 1 TPP 'Gorazal' Bangladesh, 2007. Repair of turbine control system elements K-55-90 unit. № 1 TPP 'Gorazal', Bangladesh, 2007 Closing cylinder of the turbine K-55-90 unit. № 1 TPP Gorazal, Bangladesh, 2007. Overhaul of the turbine K-210-130 unit  № 2. TPP Dzhamshiro, Pakistan, 2007. Overhaul turbine ВК-50-3 unit № 1 TPP 'Obra', India, 2006.