Metal laboratory

Works performed:

  • Examination of objects subordinate to GNOT (Government Supervision of Labor Protection) along with completion of required permissions for the further service, metal and welded joints control, examination of load lifting mechanisms and gas pipelines;
  • Testing;
  • Nondestructive control methods:
- Visually telescopic (VT);
- Ultrasonic testing (UT);
- Magneto-powder testing (MT);
- Penetrant testing (PT);
  • Destructive control methods:

- Hardness measurements;
- Mechanical testing;
- Metallographic analysis;
- Steeloscoping;

  • Technical diagnosis (experimental survey);
  • Technical inspection (except for initial inspection).

Control is carried out for the following:

  • Steam and hot-water boilers;
  • Pressure vessels;
  • Steam and hot water pipelines;
  • Steam turbines;
  • Hoisting cranes;
  • Gas pipelines.
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