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The group of companies Kharkovenergoremont (KhaER) renders services in the field of engineering, design, diagnosing, flaw detection, supply of equipment, choosing of contractors, project management, including supervision of works and performance of works at the site, putting in operation, guarantee and after-guarantee maintenance in the projects related to upgrading, reconstruction, rebuilding, repair of the units of the thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power plants of up to 1000 MW and in some cases related to mounting of power equipment of thermal power plants of up to 25MW.

Kharkovenergoremont is one of the leading companies in Ukraine designing and manufacturing of rigging, original devices and tools to repair boiler, turbine and electric equipment.

Originally this manufacturing was built upon the necessity to provide its own personnel with repair equipment on a timely basis and maintenance of high level of services rendered to power facilities by the company repair personnel. Thus, the problems of devices and rigging development and production
were solved promptly and in the course of works. And over time the single-part production became small-scale considering the interest and demand of other repair companies in rigging.

We manufacture the terminal lead-outs using fibre-glass plastic insulators for turbo-generators with air, hydrogen and water cooling of the stator windings with capacity up to 500 MW and voltage not more than 20 KV.


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