Industrial high rise works


The enterprise "Kharkovenergoremont" includes the department specializing in repair-construction activities using the method of industrial high rise works. Our personnel operates in the market of high rise works in Ukraine and abroad. We can perform virtually all types of work, we performed repair and protection of various level of complexity of many sites of civil and industrial engineering. Our experts have many years’ experience of high rise works, special mountain-climbing training and the required authorization for performing works of high risk.

The basic concept of the department is high quality of works.

Professionally and in short-time period we can perform:

  • unique mounting, repair-and-construction high-altitude works using new technologies and materials;
  • inspection of high-rise buildings providing recommendation on repair and subsequent repair.

Facade and roofing works:

  • painting and special works (anti-corrosion treatment of the metalware, painting of the workshops, pipes, vessels, towers, retransmitters, bridges);
  • glazing and hydraulic insulation;
  • hydrophobization and air-tightness of the building joints.

The works can be performed without erection of scaffold not interrupting the manufacturing process – under conditions of the current production process.

  • Our advantage – decrease of the works period.
  • Our "know-how" is using of original methods of work and technologies along with the traditional ones as well as using of up-to-date, approved materials.
  • Our staff includes certified experts – engineers, masters of sports and mountain climbing instructors, builders - professionals.
  • Our partners are scientific-research and development institutes of Ukraine, domestic and foreign experts.
  • Our consultants are the representatives of the leading construction companies, architects, designers, restorers.