Stability Reliability Quality


  • installation, repair and reconstruction of low and high power boilers;
  • reconstruction and modernization of steam boilers in order to increase steam production, fuel change;
  • transfer of steam boilers to hot water mode of operation;
  • reconstruction and repair of vessels under pressure;
  • installation, repair and reconstruction of gas-supply systems, installation of gas-distributing units and gas distribution substations;
  • manufacture of elements for boilers, pipelines, vessels;
  • a range of works for extending the life of equipment;
  • special rigging works; auxiliary equipment repair.

Commissioning works for:

  • steam and hot water boilers running on gaseous, liquid and solid fuels;
  • acid cleaning of boilers in different ways;
  • pre-start boil-out;
  • acid cleaning of heat exchangers;
  • conservation of thermal power equipment;
  • steam-oxygen cleaning of boilers and pipelines;
  • chemical treatment of water (Na-cation exchange, H Na- cation exchange, ADP – autonomous demineralizing plant, BDP – block demineralizing plant).
  • New technologies in this field:
    – correctional treatment feed and boiler water;
    – thermochemical testing (setup of water chemistry treatment).


  • replacement of obsolete and outdated automatic control systems with modern electronic-hydraulic systems;
  • analysis and elimination of excessive vibration of turbine units and all rotating machinery;
  • dynamic balancing of rotors in their own bearings and on the balancing machine.

The specialists of the Turbine Department have performed a unique restoration and overhaul of steam turbine K-500-240-2 at the station No. 4 of LLP “AES” Ekibastuz” where low-pressure cylinder structural parts manufactured at the Leningrad Metal Plant, Russia, have been completely replaced with the construction of Turboatom, Ukraine, with preliminary design correlation, and the following works: emergency repairs of the turbine K-300-240 at the station No. 2, subsequent repair with replacement of rotor blades of the high-pressure hose – 4 stages, low-pressure hose – 10 stages, medium-pressure hose – 10 stages at the power station “Ramin”, Iran; overhaul of the power unit N-210-130, Harbin, China, station No. 2, TPP “Dzhamsharo”, Pakistan with replacement of 4 stages of low-pressure hose; reconstruction and modernization of power units No 1 and No 2, TPP “Obra”, India and many other projects around the world.

During performance of the works the Turbine Department specialists use their personnel’s rich experience and qualification accumulated over many years of implementation of such projects, apply the latest technology and their own “know-how”, develop original equipment and facilities in the framework of ongoing projects.